New Age is a leader company in manufacturing fabrics and garments utilizing cutting edge technology. The group is well known for its smoothly running production and efficiency respecting in: quality, innovation, flexibility and reliability. The group comprises off Design house, Knitting house, Laboratory and Cut & Sew manufacturing facilities.


We aim to achieve innovation in all areas with dedication to efficiency and flexibility in production with excellence in quality and on -time delivery globally.
The group operates in 10000 sq.mtr. privately owned facilities in the industrial area of Oraiokastro, Thessaloniki, as well as facilities in Bulgaria and FYROM. As a strong reaction to permanent changes in the fashion market and the needs of our customers , the group’s human resources of 700 individuals offers a monthly production capacity – Aprox 200 k to 250 k pcs per month – 80-100 tons finished fabric.


Visualizing a unique vertical production unit our group is permanently investing in new technologies, with the results of high automatization and strict quality control throughout all stages of production with the certification of STANDARD 100 by OEKOTEX®. 

. Our latest innovation is the the anthropomorphic fully-automated spraying robot for garments which is consistent with the latest fashion trends.


Focusing on development and design, our group is a pioneer in fashion. Effectively our customers enjoy the privilege of choice regarding a wide range of unique developments. Our fabric and clothing design team address a wide pectrum of target groups by creating up to 30 new designs and proposals per week. The team stay ahead of global trends and develop new and innovative techniques continuously.
Design House Manager: Dimitropoulou Afroditi | email: afroditi@newageclothing.gr




We are capable of creating high quality fabrics and exclusive ready to wear garments. This achievement is a result of an ideal combination between modern knitting machines and certified yarns of all titles and qualities available in the global market. Offering 103 knitting machines supported by specialized technicians and variety in fabric design such as:

• Single Jersey
• Single Jersey with or not Lycra
• Single Jersey Full Lycra
• Single Jersey Full Jacquard
• Single Jersey Full Jacquard with or not Lycra
• Single Jersey with Engineer Stripes with or not Lycra
• Double Jersey
• Double Jersey Rib Iinterlock with or not Lycra
• Double Jersey Mini Jacquard
• Double Jersey Full Jacquard with or not Lycra
• Double Jersey with Engineer Stripes
• Double Jersey Pointelle Transfer
• Pile Fabrics (velvet – fleece)
• Full Jacquard Pile Fabrics
• Three Ply Fleece

All our fabrics are inspected and pass strict quality control testing in our private high tec laboratory adding another substantial advantage. This guaranties a constant supervision and testing to ensure all technical specifications are adhered to.
Knitting House Manager: Konstantinos Nikololaou | email: plektirio1@newageclothing.gr


New Age company has from the establishment, a quality control and research – development laboratory.
We carry out tests in yarns, threads , fabrics and garments.
We are able to make the following tests :

• Analytical/Chemical Tests (qualitative analysis, quantitative analysis, determination of pH)
• Behavior During Washing (dimensional stability to washing, appearance after washing, spirallity after washing, print durability after washing)
• Color Fastness (washing, perspiration [acid&alkaline], water, dry cleaning, rubbing [dry&wet], light)
• Physical/Mechanical Tests (mass per unit area, bursting strength, abrasion test, resistance to pilling)
• Yarns (determination of yarn count, determination of yarn twist)
• Special Tests (stereoscopical observations, comparison of hues, color measurement)
• Laboratory Simulation of Industrial Processes (Lab Dips, Sample Dyeing up to 3kg)

All our tests are made according to the international standards with new in technology equipment and with a well trained and informed staff.
Laboratory Manager: Nikos Papadimitriou | e-mail: xhmeio2@NewAgeClothing.gr


The group is expanding in Greece as well in abroad with strong co-operations in leading brands such as PEPE JEANS LONDON, PHASE EIGHT, JOHN LEWIS, LIBERTY, GELCO, BETTY BARCLAY, CARTOON, BETTY & CO, BONITA, TOM TAILOR, FRENCH CONNECTION, Mc GREGOR, STREET ONE etc.

Sales Managers
Dimitropoulou Dora
Kalotrapezi Chrisa
Kougioumtzidou Vicky
Koutsiamani Ria


Ippodromioust 6th km Old Road ThessalonikiOREOKASTRO P.O. 570 13Thessaloniki Greece

Tel: +30 2310 680 033 | +30 2310 729 888
Fax: +30 2310 680 036 |+30 2310 683 225

Url: www.newageclothing.gr
E-mail: info@newageclothing.gr